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Explaining Brazil #99 Coronavirus


The first time we talked specifically about the coronavirus outbreak was in late January. We spoke to Rosana Richtmann, one of Brazil’s leading infectious disease experts, and she told us how we could escape from a major public health crisis.

Dr. Richtmann’s analysis was made in a very different reality. After that episode, Brazil would not record a single infection for another month. Cases in Europe were still in the dozens. So, a lot has changed since.

The number of cases down here jump from 3 to over 300 in less than three weeks. Even the president might be infected. And still… he acts as if nothing was going on. Jair Bolsonaro has called the Covid-19 crisis a fantasy created by the corporate media – and has done everything in his power to undermine his own administration’s effort to contain the spread.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister has given a warning: if you live in Brazil, brace yourself for a “rough 20 weeks ahead”.

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